AJK Blood Transfusion Authority

The State of Azad Jammu and Kashmir comprises an area of 13,297 square kilometres and has a populationof 4.6 million. The state is administratively divided into three divisions and 10 districts. There are 42 Dental Centres, one Dental Hospital, 197 MCH Centres, 6 DHQ Hospitals, 7 THQ Hospitals, 1 Civil Hospital, 34 RHCs, 208 BHUs, 2 Military Hospitals, 1 Cardiology Institute, and a tertiary care teaching hospital. The blood transfusion services are an integral component of the Department of Health’s policy.

In 2003, the AJK Legislative Assembly approved AJK Transfusion of Safe Blood Act XVI (No. ID/645-52/03) to regulate transfusion of safe blood and blood products in Azad Jammu and Kashmir. A Blood Transfusion Authority was subsequently notified under Section 5 of the subject Act but the regulation system needs to be properly managed. In 2014, with the assistance of Islamabad BTA, AJK BTA conducted an exercise in the four districts of AJK, Mirpur, which include Bhimber, Kotli, Sudhnoti and registered 31 blood banks out of which 2 were granted licenses and 27 were kept on probation period and informed about their deficiencies.

The total budget of the AJK Blood Transfusion Programme in Phase I was Rs. 147.80 million. Additional budget of Rs. 87.838 million has been committed for Phase II of the project. The RBC Muzaffarabad covering an area of 10,030 sq. ft. has been completed and has a capacity for the collection of 20,000 donations per year. The RBC will supply blood components to six attached hospital blood banks. The RBC is partially operational at the moment.