Blood transfusion is an indispensable, potentially life-saving medical intervention. However, the inherent risks of blood and the complexity of providing adequate, timely and equitable access to safe blood and blood components require an organized national or regional blood regulatory system. Within that system, a competent blood regulatory authority assures that appropriate standards are met for production of blood products and monitoring of blood safety.


Following the devolution of the health sector in June 2011 under the 18th constitutional amendment, the Islamabad Blood Transfusion Authority was revived by the Ministry of National Health Services, Regulation & Coordination in September 2013. A new Chairman and an Advisory Board were also notified. The revived IBTA developed a plan of action which laid out the framework of the scope of activities including; development of an evaluation tool for inspection of the blood banks, formation of a pool of eminent experts to act as IBTA inspectors, announcements in the press for applications for registration and licensing, processing of applications and organizing the initial, routine, surprise and annual inspections as well as conducting regular capacity building activities. Currently 19 blood banks have been granted licenses following successful inspections (in some cases after more than one inspection) and six blood establishments have been closed down due to poor standards. Two blood banks are only registered and not licensed. Two initially licensed blood banks are currently on probation…

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Islamabad Blood Transfusion Authority

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