Inspection Team


    Prof. Dr. Khalid Hasan (MBBS, DCP, MPhil, FCPP) is serving as Professor of Haematology and Head of Pathology Department at the Islamabad Medical and Dental College. Earlier he has served as the Professor/HOD Pathology Department, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), Islamabad. He has also served in the Rawalpindi Medical College as Assistant and Associate Professor Pathology. He is a founding member and ex-President of the Pakistan Society of Haematology. The Ministry of Health appointed Prof. Khalid as the first Chairman of the Islamabad Blood Transfusion Authority from 2005-07 and currently serving on the Advisory Board of the Authority. He is Editor of many peer-reviewed journals and have published more than 80 research articles in national and international journals. He has trained many haematologists for their MPhil and FCPS programmes in haematology.

    Brig. (R) Dr. Javaid Usman (MBBS, MCPS, MPhil, FCPS) is a Professor of Microbiology. During his military career as a pathologist, which spans over twenty seven years, he worked in many stations in a number of Armed Forces institutions in Pakistan. He has extensive experience in transfusion medicine and has supervised various blood banks. His area of expertise includes community and health care associated infectious diseases (including Transfusion Transmitted Infections), emerging pathogens and antibiotic resistance. He has been actively involved in the training of pathologists and microbiologists in addition to laboratory technicians/technologists to doctors for their MPhil and Fellowship in microbiology. He has a keen interest in medical research and has more than sixty publications to his credit in various national and international journals. He is also an Examiner for the College of Physicians & Surgeons, Pakistan (CPSP).

    Brgd Dr. Nadir Ali (MBBS, FCPS, PhD) is working as a classified pathologist and consultant haematologist at Kulsum International Hospital, Islamabad. He has a 17 years’ experience as a consultant haematologist. He also holds the award of Sitara-e-Imtiaz (Military). He has also serving as an Associate Professor at Armed Force Post Graduate Medical Institute and has trained more than 71 post-graduate residents. He is also a member of various professional bodies including American Society of Haematology (ASH), Pakistan Society of Haematology. He is also the founding member of South Asian Association of Transfusion Medicine “Pakistan Chapter”. He has represented Pakistan in many scientific conferences and has presented his research. He has more than 50 publications to his credit and has also authored a chapter in 4th edition of Manual of Lab Medicine AFIP.

    Brig. Dr. Nuzhat Salamat, Tamgha-e-Imtiaz (M) (MBBS, CTM, FCPS) is Professor of Pathology at the Army Medical College, Rawalpindi. She graduated from Army Medical College with a Chief of Army Staff (COAS) Gold Medal and Pfizer Gold Medal for the best Graduate. She did her Fellowship in Haematology from College of Physicians and Surgeons, Pakistan and grading in Pathology from Armed Forces Post Graduate Medical Institute. She is also a certified Transfusion Medicine specialist from the Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh, UK. During her career as a Haematologist, she has worked in several laboratories across Pakistan and until recently was working as the Deputy Commandant, Armed Forces Institute of Transfusion. She has also worked as a Fellow at the St. Louis University Hospital, USA. She is actively involved in teaching and training of Medical Technologists, Junior Residents, and Fellows in Haematology and Transfusion Medicine. She has published her research work at prestigious national and international journals and authored a chapter in the AFIP Manual of Laboratory Medicine.

    Dr. Samina Tufail Amanat (MBBS, DBT, FCPS) a senior member of the Pakistan Society of Haematology, is currently serving as Consultant Haematologist and Head of Pathology Department and Blood Bank in a leading tertiary care hospital of Islamabad. She did her MBBS from University of Punjab followed by FCPS in Haematology. During her Fellowship, she remained affiliated with the prestigious Armed Forces Institutes of Pathology and Transfusion. She also holds a postgraduate Diploma in Blood Transfusion from the Institute of Blood Transfusion Services, Lahore. She has been actively involved in the teaching of haematology residents and conducts short term trainings on the topics of haematology and blood transfusion. She has remained affiliated with the Ministry of Health as Secretary, Islamabad Blood Transfusion Authority till 2012, and played a key role in the Authority. She is also on the expert advisory pool of the Authority and conducts inspections on regular basis. She also has a keen interest in medical research and currently several research projects are being conducted in her department. She has more than 15 publications to her credit in various peer reviewed research journals and few in international journals as well.

    Prof. Dr. Ayesha Junaid (MBBS, MCPS, FCPS) is working as Consultant Haematologist and Incharge Blood Bank, Shifa International Hospital, Islamabad. She is Professor of Pathology, Shifa Tameer-e-Millat University and is extensively involved in the teaching and training of Medical Technologists and postgraduate residents and is the Director of Haematology Programme. She pioneered the development of the training programme which provides a structured and comprehensive learning based on hands on experience in haematology and transfusion medicine. She has a number of publications to her credit and is also National Coordinator of the Pakistan Haemovigilance Network. She has represented Pakistan in many international scientific conferences and presented her research work.

    Prof. Dr. Haroon Khan (MBBS, MSc, FCPP, PhD) is serving as Professor of Pathology at SZAB Medical University, Islamabad. He is also the adjunct faculty member of Health Informatics at COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Islamabad. He is a graduate of King Edward Medical University and obtained his PhD from University of London. His core competencies include accreditation and standardization of hospitals along with development and implementation of Hospital Management Information System. He is the Chairman of Pakistan’s National Accreditation Standards for Hospitals and Team Leader for establishing and implementing the first HMIS system in a public sector hospital (PIMS). He is the founding member and former president of e-Health Association of Pakistan which is working on mHealth and TeleHealth in Pakistan. He is Member of the Advisory Board of the Islamabad Blood Transfusion Authority and American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP).

    Dr. Syed Imtiaz Hasan (MBBS, MPH, PhD) did his graduation from the Rawalpindi Medical College, Rawalpindi and PhD in Pathology from the University of London. Since 1987, he has served in the federal government as Medical Officer, Assistant Professor; and now as Consultant Pathologist, working in administrative, teaching, and research posts in large public-sector hospitals and institutes in Pakistan and Saudi Arabai. He also completed a Fellowship in Public Health Resource Management, HIV/AIDS from CDC, Atlanta. He is a member of the IBTA Advisory Board and has been instrumental in implementing the inspection tools through inspections with IBTA team.

    Dr. Amir Maqbool (MBBS, MBA) is a public health management and procurement expert, and serving as Secretary, IBTA. Dr. Amir is a permanent employee of the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) and has a rich clinical and project management experience. In the past, Dr. Amir has served in the National AIDS Control Programme (NACP) and was a key member of the NACP team which managed the preparatory phase (2008-09) of the Safe Blood Transfusion Project including conceiving the project, development and approval of the PC-1s at the provincial and federal levels. Dr. Amir is also serving as Deputy Project Director, Safe Blood Transfusion Programme.

    Dr. Faiza Fahim (MBBS, FCPS) is working as Consultant Hematologist and Incharge Blood Bank, KRL Hospital Islamabad. She is a graduate of Rawalpindi Medical College and trained in Hematology at Armed Forces Institute of Pathology. She has a keen interest in medical research and has published her research work in prestigious journals and presented it at national and international conferences. She has also authored a chapter in the AFIP Manual of Laboratory Medicine. At KRL Hospital Islamabad, she is actively involved in teaching and training of medical technologists in Hematology and Transfusion Medicine and has been instrumental in implementing quality control and proper data documentation at the hospital laboratory and blood bank.

    Mr. Usman Waheed (BS MLT, MSc, MPhil, PhD Fellow) is working as a Technical Expert in the Islamabad Blood Transfusion Authority, M/o NHSR&C. Earlier he served in the GIZ BT Project as Technical Advisor (2010-13), Research Officer, National AIDS Control Programme (2009-10) and Medical Technologist, PIMS (2007-09). He is involved with the teaching and training of medical laboratory students at NIH, PIMS and Isra University. He has completed a Fellowship in Transfusion Medicine from Sri Lanka and has received post graduate diplomas in Public Health (Pak) and Epidemiology (Lon). Mr. Waheed has also acquired additional trainings in Transfusion Medicine and Quality Management from Germany and the Netherlands. He has a number of publications to his credit published in national and international Journals besides authoring three handbooks related to Laboratory Sciences.


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